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The End of Easy Oil, September 2010
Top 100 Stories of 2009, #4: Stem Cell Science Takes Off, Jan/Feb 2010
Bone/Tendon Hybrids Could Quickly Repair Injury, November 2009
In Race Between Optical and Magnetic Storage, We Win, September 2009
Life After Silicon: How Graphene Could Revolutionize Electronics, June 2009

Nature Medicine

New Diabetes Drugs Flush out Sugar, June 2011
Parsing Autism, April, 2011
MicroRNAs Target Tumor Suppressors, March, 2011
Pediatric Trials go Gloabl, October 2010
Tech Meets Bio, August, 2010

Scientific American Mind

The Clock is Off, May 2010

Our Amazing Planet

Impact of Gulf Spill on Microscopic Animals Unknown, October 8, 2010
Fishless Lake in Adirondacks Shows Signs of Recovery, July 29,2010
Invasive Species Thrive on Antarctic Islands, June 16, 2010


The Customer Knows Best, May 2010

The Scientist

From Toxins to Therapies, June 2010
Wounded Cells, November 2009

IEEE Spectrum

Mars is Hard, June 2009
What to Wear on Mars, June 2009
Computer Designed Drugs Could Thwart Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria, February 18, 2009
Technology vs. Pirates, February 2009
Cryptographers Take on Quantum Computers, January 2009
The Price is Wrong for Oil Shale and Tar Sand Tech, December 2008
IBM Tests Heating Homes with Waste Heat, November 20, 2008
Superconductors Enter Commercial Utility Service, July 2, 2008
ExxonMobil Cuts Back Its Funding for Climate Skeptics, July 8, 2008

Technology Review

A Two-Pronged Water Treatment Technology, June 15, 2009
A New Processing Scheme for Algae Biofuels, May 1, 2009

Popular Mechanics

Jatropha: A Lowly Weed or the Biofuel of the Future?, January 22, 2009

Scientific American online

A Silver Coating in the Fight Against Microbes, May 2, 2008


Life's Little Mysteries - What is a Theory?, May 21, 2008


The Power of Poo, October 8, 2008
The Trust Hormone, August 13, 2008
Is Ocean Fertilization Really a Viable Way to Slow Down Global Warming?, August 11, 2008
Before the Big Bang, February 27, 2008

Business 2.0

Super Marketing, March 2007
Hollywood Stars Heat Up Solar Power, February 2006

Silicon Valley Community Newspapers

Sports Complex Idea Dropped, October 12, 2006
IBM Scientists Fight Disease with Technology, June 8, 2006
Ballpark EIR Doesn't Address the Impact of Future Projects, April 6, 2006